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By Glenn Haumann

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1 IBS International specialised services are provided by INTELSAT and EUTELSAT amongst other organisations. g. a Standard-B station working at 6/4 GHz); country gateways usually serve all, or a large part, of a nation, (ii) An urban gateway which uses an earth station with a medium-sized antenna and serves a major city or industrial region, (iii) A user gateway comprising a small earth station at the customer's premises used solely by that customer (or an earth station at a nearby site shared by a number of customers).

When a demand for a call arrives at an earth station the SPADE terminal: (i) Selects a pair of carrier frequencies (one for each direction of transmission) from a list of available frequencies (ii) Advises all other terminals that the pair of frequencies it has selected is in use (iii) Sets up a circuit, in co-operation with the SPADE terminal at the destination earth station, via carriers on the chosen frequencies.

The development of satellite communications 29 INTELSAT offers two types of business service: closed network and open network. For closed network systems INTELSAT specifies only those RF transmission characteristics required to ensure compatibility with the satellite and avoid interference to other users or systems; this affords maximum freedom in the design and use of the system. Closed network systems work well when all the users belong to one organisation or when there are only two parties who have to reach agreement but they can be difficult (if not impossible) to set up when, say, a carrier in Europe wants to start a business service to the USA and finds that he has to reach agreement on the characteristics of the system with more than 20 carriers in the USA, many of whom are already operating similar domestic services with disparate equipments.

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