A Breaking of Seals. The French Resistance in Slovakia - download pdf or read online

By B. Chnoupek, R. Pynsent, K. Brusak

ISBN-10: 0080348696

ISBN-13: 9780080348698

A Breaking of Seals is the tale of a quest - the search to find probably the most striking and least remembered occasions of the second one global warfare. This was once the participation within the Slovak rebellion of 1944 of the French squaddies who escaped from prisoner-of-war camps in Germany, Hungary and Slovakia. below the management of Captain Georges de Lannurien, they shaped a Detachement francais de opponents de l. a. Tschecoslovaquie which fought beside the Slovak military through the rebellion and which later stood facet by means of aspect with Slovak partisans as a part of the Stefanik Brigade.

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She rushed off into the kitchen and started preparing the mix for a batch of her special buns. She had baked them once before for the French—buns filled with damson cheese—and they couldn't eat enough of them. And now, when they had so much to celebrate! By now the Kucmas' yard and garden were teeming with people. They thumped the Frenchmen on the back and talked at the tops of their voices until the old gamekeeper Zurian shouted for quiet. Some time during the Great War he'd served with the French, learning a few words of their language—and also the Marseillaise.

Behind us smoke was rising from the streets of Zilina. Houses were on fire there, and we could even hear shots. And here was this Frenchman, without a uniform, claiming to be in command of this lorry-load of 'troops'. Well, I thought, uniforms or not, at least they are well enough armed with rifles and automatic weapons. Better to not ask too many questions, I thought. 'Major Dobrovodsky', I introduced myself. ' he said warmly. ' 'Well, at least that improves our situation', he said with a smile.

Intense bombardment. The Slovak artillery personnel run away. The French gunner lieutenant, Poupet, takes over; the guns are now served by French volunteers. Poupet puts the first tank out of action. Immediately after that he is severely wounded. Private Jurmande stops a second tank with accurate fire from his anti-tank rifle. Then the German infantry enters the action. They penetrate both sides of the river, with the intention of surround- 42 A Breaking of Seals ing the French group. At about 1100 hours we come under sus­ tained fire from all sides.

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A Breaking of Seals. The French Resistance in Slovakia by B. Chnoupek, R. Pynsent, K. Brusak

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