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By Bergman G.M.

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52, last two sentences of next-to-last paragraph [=]: Let us put off for the moment the question of why having denumerable means that ‘‘in practice one can work with (Cauchy) sequences’’, and merely note that Lang is here saying that the system of subgroups of finite index is often countable, and is often the system we are interested in. 52, final display [=]: The left-hand side of the display should read lim_ i G ⁄ (H1 ∩ ... ∩ Hi ). ← Likewise, on the top of the next page, ‘‘the sequence {Hi }’’ should be ‘‘the sequence {H1 ∩ ...

In each case, also, it is not hard to show that these constructions respect identity maps and composition of maps. The class of functors which Lang calls ‘‘stripping functors’’ are called by essentially all other authors ‘‘forgetful functors’’, and we shall use the latter term here. has There is a trivial but important class of functors which Lang does not mention. Any category an identity functor Id : → , which you should have no trouble defining precisely. Incidentally, Lang defines a functor as a ‘‘rule’’ rather than a function for the same reason he defines a category as a ‘‘collection’’ rather than a set.

Similarly, the map B × X → X is an action of B. We define A ° B to be the group of permutations of X generated by the images of these two actions. Now if we write a- for the image of a ∈A ∪ B in Perm(X), then, simply from the fact that the group A ° B is generated by the images of A and B under certain homomorphisms a → a- , it is not hard to verify that every element of A ° B can be reduced to an expression a-1 ... a-n satisfying (c14). ) Moreover, given such an element a-1 ... a-n ∈A ° B, it is easy to verify by induction that on applying this element to the empty sequence () ∈X, we get the sequence (a1 , ...

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