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By Olaus Johan Murie

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Should you personal just one animal song box consultant - personal this one.

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Thus neither guard hairs nor the vibrissae show the agouti pattern. 28 Chapter 2: The Agouti and Extension Series of Alleles, Umbrous, and Sable While, as the above testifies, ;m abundant amount of information has been collected on the action of a-locus genes, the crucial experiments defining the primary action of this locus have yet to be reported. II. , rabbit, guinea pig, dog) which have a series of alleles that extend or restrict the amount of eumelanin, with an opposite effect on phaeomelanin (see Searle, 1968b).

A6H /A mice are normal agouti, and a6H homozygotes are dark agouti with dark pinna hairs. 12As emphasized by Wallace (1965) this theory of pseudoallelism does not preclude the idea that different regions of the body may vary in their capacity to respond to some alleles. It also remains to be determined how many "mini-loci" are involved and the exact parts of the pelage they control. Epistasis between some pseudoalleles must be considered too. 13Wallace (1965) also points out that whereas the genotypes aU/au and ae/a e have dark ears, the alleles at and a, which stand between them in the series, produce lighter ears, both homozygously and in compounds with aU and ae.

Cleff- I. The Agouti Locus 23 mann also observed that pigment cells which are synthesizing phaeomelanin take up more SH compounds and less melanin precursors ([14C]tyrosine, [14C]dopa) than eumelanin-producing cells and that these SH compounds are incorporated to a greater extent into phaeomelanin than into eumelanin (Cleffmann, 1964). S. Phillips, 1966a; G. , 1972). Unfortunately, however, all of these hypotheses must be considered with caution since the original observations of Cleffmann await confirmation.

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A Field Guide to Animal Tracks by Olaus Johan Murie

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