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Moseten belongs to the small, unclassified language kinfolk Mosetenan and is spoken by way of approximately 800 humans within the foothills of the Bolivian Andes and the adjacent lowland area. This e-book presents a grammatical description of Moseten within the type of a descriptive reference grammar. it really is in accordance with the author's huge fieldwork in Bolivia and is meant to be accomplished and geared toward linguists from all backgrounds. Belonging to an unclassified language kin, Moseten is of specific curiosity to typologists, old linguists, touch linguists and South Americanists. The grammar is split right into a bankruptcy on phonology (2.) and 6 chapters at the morphology: morphological techniques (3.) the nominal procedure (4.), pronouns and reference (5.), adjectives and adverbs (6.), quantification (7.) and the verbal procedure (8.). those chapters are by means of voice (9.), negation (10.) and modality and discourse markers (11.). eventually, there are syntactically orientated chapters on clause kinds (12.) and clause mixtures (13.). within the appendix, 3 sorts of texts, a listing of morphemes, an inventory of references and extra bibliographical notes are additional. additionally, there's an index. This grammar is the 1st available and accomplished description of a Mosetenan language.

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G. on its own. 2. Consonants Table 3 summarizes the consonant inventory of Moseten. e. plosives, fricatives, affricates, nasals, trills and approximants. This is followed by a discussion of consonants that commonly appearing in loanwords. , asp. ph plosive, voiced b d, dJ fricative f S affricate ts affricate, aspirated tsh nasal m n trill r approximant U ---A palatal velar glottal k ? 1. Plosives /p/ is a voiceless and unaspirated bilabial plosive. "] [opal ka] [c '(one) side' 'egg' 'woman' 'mutun bird' 'modal particle' At the end of a syllable, /p/ is usually slightly aspirated.

Another sub-cacique is the second in command. Furthermore, a number of dirigentes (minor leaders) have influence on political decisions. There are usually commissions for all types of projects, for example for the installation of running water in the smaller settlements. 4. History of the Mosetenes and previous research Various people have collected data from MosetCn or Chimane, and a number of researchers have extracted grammatical information from first-hand texts. There are mainly two groups of people who have done first-hand research on MosetCn: 1.

The latter is rather uncommon and only applies to the way some people speak. [Z] appears when the syllable-final consonant is a fricative (see above). fi] 'she' 'he' 'water' 'heart' 'already, yet' 'here, F' 'here, M' 'he sleeps' 'he is tired' The high central unrounded vowel / + l does not exist as a separate phoneme in Moseten of Covendo, but it does in the dialects Chimane and Moseten of Santa Ana. ] 'there, M' 'we fight' 'we are put. 2. Coda approximants Diphthong-resembling structures in MosetCn involve coda approximants: the semi-vowels /j/ and /U/ (cf.

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