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By James R. Jude (auth.), Peter Safar M.D., Dr. hon. causa, James O. Elam M.D. (eds.)

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Since the overdue 19505, innovative devel­ in and the capability way forward for emergency opments of uncomplicated wisdom, options, resuscitation. This assembly used to be initiated through educating, and perform of cardiopulmonary james Elam. james jude, proprietor of the Wolf Creek hotel (Blairsville, Georgia 30512), acted resuscitation (CPR) have ended in the saving of uncountable lives from stipulations that as host. formerly ended in yes demise. The Fifties this system Committee invited basically clinician-scientists from the USA, introduced breakthroughs in breathing resuscita­ tion, the Nineteen Sixties, breakthroughs in cardiac solicited synopsis papers and predistributed resuscitation, and the Seventies have all started to the 37 papers chosen to the members. We have been spared formal paper displays and exhibit breakthroughs in resuscitation of the hence may perhaps dedicate ourselves to 2 complete days arrested mind. Mobilization of large-scale public contain­ of casual, stimulating, provocative discus­ ment in life-saving efforts is vital. however the sions. This ended in cross-fertilization of rules demanding situations and possibilities of imposing between people with varied strong point backgrounds.

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Those two required insertion of an oropharyngeal airway. Four of the patients were not adequately ventilated when the jaw-thrust method was used: a 14month-old baby, a 36-year-old woman, a 63year-old woman, and a 70-year-old man. Comments The tongue is often the cause of upper airway obstruction. I n the comatose or anesthetized person, support muscles of the mandible are relaxed. Thus, the tongue, which is attached to the mandible, can drop against the back of the pharynx. This may occur more often in the unconscious person-who is making respiratory efforts.

5-2): The subject is preferably on his back, the operator at the side of the subject's head. The fingers of one hand are placed under the mandible at the chin, which is lifted to bring the chin forward (upward), to support the jaw and help tilt the head backward. The thumb lightly depresses (retracts) the lower lip to slightly open the mouth, and simultaneously the chin is gently lifted. The teeth are nearly brought together. The other hand presses Fig. 5-1. Neck-lift-head-tilt method for emergency airway control.

8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. endotracheal and tracheostomy tubes: a joint statement of investigators, inventors, and manufacturers. Crit Care Med 1/3:155, 1973 Don Michael TA, Lambert EH, Mehran A: Mouth-to-Iung airway for cardiac resuscitation. Lancet 2:1329,1968 Elam JO, Brown ES, Elder JD Jr: Artificial respiration by mouth-to-mask method: a study of the respiratory gas exchange of paralyzed patients ventilated by operator's expired air. N Engl J Med 250:749, 1954 Elam JO, Greene DG, Schneider MA, et al: Head tilt method of oral resuscitation.

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