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11-12) and entered Banat as well. Its incised textile-fabric patterns influenced the ornamentation of Vinca B—C ware and figurines. The bearers of the Dudesti culture98 (fig. 3) of eastern Oltenia and Muntenia (also identified south of the Danube in Bulgaria)99 most probably started from Anatolia (where there are analogies at Can Hasan, for instance),100 crossed the Balkan Peninsula at about the time when the Vinca tribes penetrated the Danube area, and assimilated some elements from Starcevo-Cris and the last Tardenoisian survivors (a predilection for flint and obsidian microliths).

7 4 A4O. Cambridge Histories Online © Cambridge University Press, 2008 24 I- THE PREHISTORY OF ROMANIA settlements represent dwellings with a gabled roof probably covered with reeds secured with logs or stones; the entry was on one of the short sides, and a round-oval window on one of the long sides; the walls were made of posts with wattle infill and daubed with chaff- and strawtempered clay. Some dwellings had two rooms. As a rule they contained a rectangular hearth made of several layers of clay, sometimes plastered, on a stone structure, and provided with a fire-guard ten centimetres high.

68 Stone, bone, horn, baked clay, and copper objects testify that the Neolithic populations carried out also other activities indicative of a 64 6ft •8 A I , 3 0 ; A 50. 63 A 97. A 97. A 74. 85 A 69 and 70. A 86. 67 A 21. M™„ • Dudesti Sinpetru ^ — - > r r n a a Pauleni " * a Deva DA Homojdia @ Timisoara ™ ? | ipeTrett, Taualas Casolt • • x Gp> A N A • R a c a Ocna Brasov@ * T Zorlentu Reci H 5 r m a c i u n ^ i Valea Rail V a# C X " ^ Liubcova D e a „ D u D . o v • a GuraVSM \ • Schela Cladovei Mlndrisca Trestiana Salceml Cucuteni culture 0 Petresti c u l t u r e • Salcuta c u l t u r e A Tiszapolgar c u l t u r e x Bodrogkeresztur culture ® Cernavoda I ^ .

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