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By Edward S. Meek M D, Ch B, MRC Path (auth.)

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The dosage given is restricted by its toxic effects on the nervous system. Leucopenia is much less common with vincristine than with vinblastine (FREI, 1964). There is no doubt as to the value of vincristine in dealing with acute leukaemia in childhood. SAMPEY (1966) has reviewed an extensive series of published reports. LASSMAN et al. (1965, 1966) have reported good results with vincristine sulphate in the treatment of children with intracranial glioma. Its use led to marked and rapid improvement in most of the cases treated.

1967) when testing an extract of Marah Oreganus H. against human malignant cells in vivo. HORVATH et al. (1967) report that the natives of northern Honduras have traditionally used an infusion of the rhizomes of the fern Polypodium leucotomos. These authors have studied the action of a saponine derived from this source when incubated with tissue slices in vitro and found it to have an anabolic effect. The saponine (calagualine) is formed by a ketosteroid and a deoxyhexose, but is apparently not the same as the steroid inhibitors found in Solanaceae.

It has been suggested for use in identifying this form of leukaemia. Coldticine is obtained from the autumn crocus (Colmicum autumnale) and related species; demecolcin is the N-deacetyl-N-methyl derivative of colmicine. Both are antimitotic alkaloids whim interfere with the spindle proteins. Demecolcin is less toxic than coldticine, and can be used to deal with mronic granulocytic leukaemia but is less useful than myleran for this condition. SETALA (1965) and SETALA et aI. (1965) reported that normal mouse epidermis responded to coldticine whilst malignant epidermis did not.

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